12-13 November 2016: District Sixer and Seconder Camp

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We had three of our Cubs on this fantastic camp aimed at Sixers and Seconder, held at the 28th Oxford HQ in Littlemore.

The camp began at 9am on a very wet Saturday morning. The Cubs were split into teams and worked together to decide what they wanted to cook for dinner that night and to participate in some team building activities, before making their own lunch.

After lunch they found out all about what to take on a day hike before planning a route which would take them to Sainsbury's (to buy dinner supplies) visiting fifteen different roads along the way.

Back at the Scout HQ it was time for some games before cooking up some amazing feasts. Once clearing up from dinner was complete the Cubs got ready for bed and snuggled down to watch a movie.

The next morning was lovely and sunny; after a good breakfast the Cubs got into their smartest uniforms, straightened their neckers, attached their poppies and set off for the bus stop. They all looked very smart and were beautifully behaved throughout the ceremony and parade.

Back at the Scout HQ it was time for lunch, before getting everything cleared up and packed away. During the closing ceremony there were prizes for the winning team.

Thank you to everyone who took part and all the adults who helped make it such a wonderful camp!