17 March 2016: Chocolate Evening

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We had a wonderfully chocolatey evening in preparation for Easter - and most of our Cubs who'd given up chocolate for Lent showed great restraint and didn't eat any!

We divided up into three groups and each group took a turn on the three chocolate themed bases:
  • Chocolate invention: designing a new chocolate bar that Akela would love to eat, including a name, picture, ingredients, sale price and sale location. There were prizes for the bars that Akela most wanted to try - well done Theo, Jake and Rose!
  • Chocolate tasters: the Cubs were blindfolded and then tried out 10 different types of chocolate, with a sip of water to cleanse their palletes between tastes. They had to write down what they thought each was - four Cubs managed to correctly identify 8 different chocolates - clearly the ones who eat too much of the stuff!
  • Chocolate melting: the Cubs added melted chocolate to a range of moulds which they then refrigerated. They were also required to lick the chocolate spoons very clean when they had finished!
While we were waiting for the chocolates to set the Cubs played the chocolate game - throw a dice to get a six and then put on hat and gloves before using a knife and fork to eat a bar of chocolate ... yum.