27-28 February 2016: Navigator Sleepover

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23 Cubs had a great time at our Navigator Badge sleepover, learning about map reading and taking part in a hike.

The sleepover started at 2pm on Saturday. the Cubs were divided up into four teams, North, South, East and West. Over the course of the afternoon they completed four base - tracking, map symbols, map making/finding landmarks on a map and grid references/compass points. Before a fish and chip supper they played a grid references game and after they had eaten they played a map symbols matching game. They then set up their beds before taking part in an indoor camp fire. They was just time for hot chocolate before lights out.

Sunday morning started with a good breakfast before getting packed up and playing a compass points relay game and learning what to take on a day hike. They then made copies of the hike route map in their teams before packing their bags and setting off on their hike. They ate lunch along the way and made it back to the Scout hut at 2.30 in time for a quick rest before prizes and camp closing.

All the Cubs who took part completed their Navigator Level 2 badges.