8 and 15 October 2015: Skills Evenings

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With the introductions of the new Skill’s Challenge we decided it was time to get our Cubs up to speed with some basic household jobs! Over the course of two weeks all of the Cubs were taught the following skills:
  • Ironing: the Cubs all had a go at ironing their scarf and then folding it back up neatly again (or sometimes not so neatly…)
  • Sewing: every Cub sewed a button onto a piece of felt and some made rather more elaborate creations.
  • Hot drink making: they all made a nice cup of tea (or coffee), which some of them drank, and then they washed up and dried up afterwards.
  • Changing a lightbulb: Chil taught the Cubs how to change two different types of lightbulb (screw and bayonet fittings) and also got them changing the fuse in a plug.
  • Laying the table: they should now all know how to set the table for both an informal and a formal dinner – don’t forget the salad fork!
  • Peeling: every Cub peeled a carrot (yum!) and a potato – amazingly, no fingers were lost in the process …
A big thank you to North Kidlington Primary School who let us use their facilities while ours were out of action on 8 October!