27 February - 1 March: Jungle Sleepover

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We had a fantastic jungle themed camp in the new Bear’s Den at Youlbury. We were joined by a few Cubs for 43rd Oxford for a fun-packed weekend, planned and run by Bagheera.

The Cubs arrived at 7.30pm on Friday evening and started by making some beautiful drawings of their team animals (tigers, snakes, bears, monkeys, elephants and wolves). They then played an animal matching game in their teams before hot chocolate and bed.

On Saturday morning they had time for a few games before a delicious pancake breakfast, which Akela joined them for. It was then time for some mask making – papier mache balloons and a very gluey hands all round! This was followed by some outdoor games before the Cubs created collages of their animals and made a start on their presentations.

After a sandwich lunch it was time for a wide game before more work on their presentations and a zoo game. A delicious dinner was followed by a campfire and a chance to watch the Jungle Book and learn more about where all the leaders get their names!

Sunday started with a fabulous cooked breakfast and then mask painting, followed by some team work: cooking, pet rescue, minefield navigation, poem writing, word searches and hand painting (very messy!) There was then time to practice presentations before lunch and then giving their presentations for real!

We finished the weekend with prizes for the winning team and a visit from the District Commissioner: well done Bagheera for your service award and Jake for your Chief Scout’s Silver Award!