11 December 2014: Oscar's badge evening

We had a very special day on Thursday 11th as Oscar Gibson completed his final Cub Scout activity badge and had it present by Tim Kidd, Chief Commissioner for England.

Oscar joined us from Beavers in September 2012 and since then he has been working very hard to complete all of the badges available to him: that’s 37 round red activity badges, at least level one of every staged (blue) activity badge, the seven diamond shaped Challenge awards and his Chief Scout’s Silver Award. He had to take up skating, horse riding and karate to get them all done and we even managed to complete the four brand new badges that they introduced in June. Our final badge was the new disability awareness badge, which we completed with a visit from Guide Dogs for the Blind on Thursday evening. You can see all the badges, and download sheets to complete them here.

BBC Radio Oxford was very excited to hear about this feat and devoted their Thursday morning Phil Gayle’s breakfast show to asking about people’s greatest childhood achievement. Oscar and his dad Bob went into the studio and took part in an interview – and Akela spoke to them on the phone later on in the show. You can listen to the interview on iPlayer:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02cjfq7 – Oscar and his Dad are on at 01:20:15 and Akela is on at 02:23:10 (after hearing from Oscar again).

We also had a visit from the Oxford Mail who took some photos and interviewed Oscar and Akela. The story is online here: http://goo.gl/B5k7yT or you can dowload the print version.

Well done Oscar! Now it’s time to see how many more Cubs we can get to achieve this … let’s get working …
Rebecca Thomas,
15 Dec 2014, 05:15