6-7 December 2014: Sinterklaas Sleepover

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We had a different sort of Sleepover this year, finding out all about how people in the Netherlands celebrate and remember Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas).

The camp began with an introduction to Dutch traditions, including a chance to try kruidnoten (tasty gingerbread snacks). We then made our own paper shoes, beautifully decorated by the Cubs ready for Sinterklaas to fill on his way back to Spain that night. After a game we created gingerbread initial letters and then took part in a torch-lit treasure hunt around Kidlington, with a sack of chocolate coins from Zwarte Piet waiting at the end. Dinner was a feast of chips (with mayonnaise), frankfurters and chicken nuggets (plus some vegtables, because we felt we had to) followed by apple pie and cream. We then watched “Winky’s Horse” a Dutch movie all about Sinterklaas, with Stroopwafels and Chocomel to top up sugar levels before bed.

After at least a few hours’ sleep the Cubs were up and ready to go ago by about 6.30am – we had a typical Dutch breakfast including ontbijtkoek (breakfast cake), hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles that you eat on bread), Edam cheese, chocolate spread and milk to drink. After breakfast we got packed up and then had a creative morning, drawing Sinterklaas and writing poems. We finished the morning with some games, including sack racing and pass the parcel.

The leaders’ certainly all slept well on Sunday night and we hope that the Cubs did too!