16 November 2014: Scouting Skills Day

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We decided to try out two of the brand new activity badges at our Scouting Skills day: Backwoods Cooking and Pioneer. Twenty seven Cubs arrived bright and early on Sunday morning and were split into six groups. During the day we rotated through various different activities, with every Cub having a go at every activity:

  • Fire lighting and cooking (2 hours): after a fire safety briefing the Cubs had a go at building and lighting their own fires. They then made twists, eggy bread and chocolate bananas and feasted on what they had cooked. They learnt how to behave safely around the fire and how to put it out when they had finished and then took part in a game to see if they could remember what they had learnt.
  • Knotting and pioneering (2 hours): the Cubs began with a knotting game in their teams, to get them used to tying a simple overhand knot. They then learnt how to tie a reef knot and a figure of eight knot, plus a clove hitch and a highwayman’s hitch. They were shown some simple lashings before being given the sticks and string required to create their own pyramid structures. Finally they learnt how to untie everything and leave it ready for the next group!
  • Rope making (1 hour): we are lucky enough to have Lonnie the Knot Man living in the village and he kindly brought along his rope machine and showed the Cubs how to make their very own ropes.
  • Tracking (1 hour): the Cubs were shown how to lay and follow a trail. They split into two groups and created a route for the other group to follow, around Kidlington and back to the Scout hut.

All of the Cubs who attended completed both badges. The day also contributed to the Fire Safety badge and to the Outdoor Challenge.

Thank you to all of the leaders and parents who joined us for the day and made this event possible.