14-15 June 2014: RAF Museum and Dinosnores

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We had a very exciting trip to London with the Cubs, visiting the RAF Museum in Hendon and then staying overnight at the Natural History Museum. 

The day began at 8:30am, when 25 Cubs and 6 adults all met at Water Eaton Park & Ride. We found our coach, loaded on our bags and set off! We arrived at the RAF Museum at about 10:30am, got signed in and dropped off our bags. We then had five hours (including a lunch break) to explore the museum and complete our Air Activities badges – which were presented by a man in RAF uniform in front of the Lancaster Bomber!

Dinner was at McDonald’s, and they Cubs were very impressed with the little cars that they got with their Happy Meals. We were able to sit outside in the sunshine, which also meant that we weren’t too disturbing to all of their other customers …

It was then about a 50 minute coach journey through central London until we reached the Natural History Museum! We unloaded our bags and walked the final few hundred metres, where we found an enormous queue of excited children to join! 

After booking in we were taken to the main gallery, given our sleeping mats and we set up our beds beneath the diplodocus. After filling up water bottles (it was VERY warm in the museum) we started our evening’s activities: first, a show about creatures of the deep, then a torch-lit treasure hunt through the dinosaur gallery (including a close encounter with a moving T-Rex) and finally creating our very own dinosaur T-shirts. We also managed to fit in a snack break!

By the time that bed-time came around, all of the Cubs were very ready to snuggle down inside their sleeping bags, and quite a few were fast asleep when the lights went out at midnight. 

In a room with that many small children the noise restarted at about 5.30am and the Cubs were mostly up, dressed and packed by 7am! We then went for our breakfast of rolls, muffins and juice before our final activity, a live animal show, with audience participation.

At 9.30am we collected up our T-shirts and headed back to our coach, with 25 very sleepy children. We were soon on our way and arrived back home at 11am.