7 June 2014: District Sports Day

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Cubs from Oxford Spires met together at Horspath Athletics Track on a very soggy Saturday, for the first ever Oxford Spires District Cub Sports Day. More than 80 Cubs from ten different Packs took part in the event (18 from Jacala) which earned them all their Athletics badge.

The Cubs were all given a worksheet to complete in advance, to make sure that they understood how to stay safe during athletics events and knew the right sort of clothing to wear. As they arrived at Horspath they were split into eight teams (with a mix of Packs in each) and given a number to wear: however, the torrential rain that began as the event was getting going quickly washed off most of their labels…

We began the day with a very damp warm up, before making a start on the eight different athletics events: all of the Cubs completed the following bases:

  • 50m races: sprinting* and skipping*
  • 25m fun races: egg and spoon, three-legged, sack race, bean bag balance
  • High jump*
  • Long jump*
  • Shuttle runs*
  • 1,000m run* and Sergeant jump*
  • Team Assault Course
  • Throwing: cricket ball*, football, javelin and discus

As well as earning their Athletics badge by participating in the day, they were also earning points from the starred events, which went towards their Athletics plus badge. These scores were recorded throughout the day and gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded for each event. In addition medals were awarded for the best team in the team assault course. 

After the first two events, the rain finally stopped and everyone began to cheer up a bit; and by lunchtime the sun had started to shine! For the cool down session at the end of the afternoon it was a glorious day and we were all putting our sun cream on.

The day ended with a presentation ceremony, celebrating the achievements of all of the Cubs and taking the chance to say a huge thank you to all of the adults who gave up their time to make the event a success. We were proud to see individual medals going to Barnaby and Luke, as well as to three of our Cubs – Jack G, William HC and Sam W – in the team which won the assault course.

We’re looking forward to returning to Horspath in two years for a repeat of this very enjoyable day (though we’re hoping for less rain next time)!