22 May 2014: Young Leaders' Evening

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This was our first young leaders' evening with our current young leaders and we were very impressed by how well organised and well run it was. They came up with some brilliant activities for the Cubs:
  • Sea Scout style games and challenges, including a simulated rescue, blindfold activities and a ball catching game - run by Salmon and Pike
  • Land Scout shelter building - run by Keego
  • Sweetie games - run by Shada and Baloo
The young leaders had everything so well under control that the adult leaders were able to join in and sample the activities: we had particular fun trying out the sweetie games - especially Chubby Bunnies (Chil was the champion with 12 marshmallows) and the strawberry shoelace eating challenge.

Salmon even ran the opening and closing ceremonies for us and did a great job of remember that they were a Pack instead of a troop. We're hoping that he's going to do a Sea-Scout style opening and closing for us soon.

Well done to all involved - we may just leave you to run the Pack in future!