16-18 May 2014: Ye Olde Cub Camp

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We had a beautiful weekend for our medieval themed camp at Youlbury. Thirty-two Cubs from Jacala joined together with a further thirty-four Cubs from 10th and 4th Oxford for two days of knights, dragons, wizards and chivalrous deeds.

We arrived at Youlbury on Friday evening and, after getting our tents set up, divided up into ten teams. Our first activity was a dragon hunt through the woods, creating ten different coloured dragons. The teams were then given their velvet pouches and awarded their first chivalry points, before working together to create a banner. After a quick supper of hot chocolate and cake it was time to settle down to sleep.

The Cubs woke up with the birds on Saturday morning, and decided to join them in their chattering; however, breakfast wasn’t until 8am, so they had a long wait before they got fed! Saturday was spent working round a series of bases, at which the Cubs could earn chivalry points for their team:

  • The Quest for the Scouting Grail (I) – picture hunt throughout Youlbury – match pictures to locations to earn up to 40 groats
  • The Quest for the Scouting Grail (II) – a series of challenges – Cubs were able to buy additional equipment with their groats to help in their quest
  • William Tell’s Mini Archery – make bows and arrows out of lolly sticks and cotton buds, plus mini targets to shoot at
  • Backwoods Cooking with the Outlaws –fire lighting then cook twists to eat with jam
  • Enter the Dragon’s Lair – bridge a ravine to avoid getting eaten by the dragon and then extract the dragon’s egg from its nest 
  • Royal Armouries and Jousting – inflatable pole joust and shield making
  • King Arthur’s Castle Building – create a giant castle out of cardboard boxes 
  • Robin Hood’s Hideout – shelter building to hide from the Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Knights of the Blindfold – blindfold trail with items in bags to remember 
  • Pouch Maker’s Guild – make medieval pouches to keep chocolate coins in
  • Barbarossa’s Ballistas – use knotting skills to build a ballista 
  • Merlin’s Alchemy Workshop – turn copper into silver and gold, plus some other exciting experiments
After the bases finished on Saturday it was time to start preparations for the banquet: we all put on our medieval outfits and dined on delicious hog roast. This was followed up by a camp fire, then supper and bed.

Sunday morning was spent finishing off the bases before lunch. We then added up the chivalry points and, after tidying the campsite, we had a closing ceremony with medals for the winner team. Every Cub received a special camp blanket badge and the weekend finished with the Cubs taking up their shields to siege the castle – they definitely won!

Thank you to all of the adults who helped out over the course of the weekend. The Cubs had an amazing time and we couldn’t have done it without you!