9 March 2014: Youlbury Activity Day

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Having planned an outdoor activity day at the start of March we were expecting to be outdoors in rain/snow/freezing temperatures - instead we were lucky enough to be treated to a day of sunshine and T-shirt weather. 

For the first two sessions the Cubs were split into two groups, with half doing pioneering (building balllistas with Chil) and half learning how to climb. We the switched round, so that everyone got a go at everything. 

For lunch with had a picnic outdoors and took the opportunity to get in a bit of sunbathing before taking on the adventure course: the Cubs - and most of the leaders - all took their turn completing the course, with two individual attempts and then a pairs attempt. Ayrton and Raia were our stars, both flying round in under 50 seconds (and they got together for the pairs attempt, so won that too!)