12 December 2013: Senior Sixers' Evening

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We have six Senior Sixers this term and we decided it was time for them to make themselves useful by running an evening. They had a planning meeting with Bagheera and Chil in November and decided to run a team games evening for the Pack. Working in Sixes, the Cubs first had to join hands in a tangled mess and then untangle into a complete circle without letting go. The next game was a chair race, and the leaders were required to enter a team: being very competitive they managed to win the first race, but were beaten by the Red Six in the second race. Finally we had a chopstick challenge, a relay race during which we picked up and ate maltesers (the leaders were victorious again, but we probably have more chopstick experience than most of the Cubs!) It was a fun evening and a good way for some of the Senior Sixers to finish off their time in the Pack.