23 November 2013: Extreme Ox Challenge

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We had 24 Extreme Oxen who braved this cold, muddy challenge on a dark November evening. Split into five teams they completed a series of (about) 22 obstacles, ranging from rolling down a hill, through moving tractor tyres, swinging on ropes and crawling through ditches. They'd have done all 22, but it got so dark that we couldn't find a few of them, despite our best efforts!

We can't help but feel that those teams which completed the challenges earlier in the day cheated a bit - after all, any one can find their way along a low ropes course when it's light: it's properly extreme if your only light comes from Akela's iPhone.

All of the Cubs had a fantastic time and we returned them home caked in a thick layer of Youlbury mud. Definitely one to look forward to for next year - we hope they run it again!