3 November 2013: Ice Hockey

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The Cubs all got the chance to try out ice hockey at this fantastic taster session, offered every Sunday by the Oxford City Junior Ice Hockey Club.

Kitted out with helmets, gloves and sticks, they made their way on to the rink and quickly got stuck in, with variable levels of success! Quite a few of the Cubs seemed to spend more time lying on their backs than up on their feet, and we're sure they were pretty bruised by the end, but others were actually out on the ice, shooting pucks at goals. 

By the end of the session we had a lot of rather soggy and completely exhausted Cub Scouts, some of whom then staying on to watch the Oxford City Stars match after the training.

Any Cubs are welcome to show up for a free training session any Sunday afternoon: http://www.oxfordjuniorstars.com/