10 October 2013: Crocodiles of the World

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For our Pack meeting on Thursday 10 October we visited Crocodiles of the World (near Witney).

The evening began with a talk about crocodiles and an opportunity to ask questions. We found out about the size, speed, habitat and diet of crocodiles, and also learnt how powerful their jaws are!

The Cubs then split into their Sixes and completed a quiz, answering questions about the crocodiles and other animals that they saw. While this was happening we all got the chance to hold a baby crocodile (which was renamed Jacala while we were there) – the general consensus was that he felt like play dough but with a rough bit on the top. He was very relaxed and no-one lost any fingers! The Cubs also experienced a large crocodile’s hunting style as Hugo jumped against his screen – the Cubs all decided to take cover behind Bagheera.

Everyone had a fantastic time and we’d like to thank Crocodiles of the World for a brilliant evening out. The visit contributed towards the Animal Carer badge.