3 October 2013: Backwards Evening

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Kaa ran our first ever backwards evening and it was very confusing. For a start, everyone had their uniform on the wrong way around and they all kept saying goodbye as they arrived. First of all we awarded 50 points to each Six. We then had flag down, lowering the flag and saying the law in reverse, before a topsy-turvy grand howl. Then it was time to take off points for Cubs who had brought in interesting things and for Josh, the Duty Sixer, to award the Cub-of-the-week scarf to the Cub that he thought we would be best that week (well done William!)

The Cubs then had to complete a series of different backwards activities:
* Mirror writing
* Backwards alphabet reciting
* Backwards obstacle course
* Reverse Jenga
* Back-to-front quiz
* Cake undecorating

It was then time for flag break, with points taken off for doing well during inspection and a backwards promise before Chil awarded the meditation scarf to Oscar, as the Cub he thought would be best meditator. Singum then told the Cubs what they should all have been thinking about during meditation. By the time they went home everyone was confused.