14 November 2013: Fire Station Trip

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The Cubs had another fantastic trip to the fire station. We started off with a talk about what the fire service do and how smoke alarms work, with a chance to ask a few questions. We were shown the protective clothing that then firefighters wear, including the oxygen tank, and saw that every little bit of their skin was covered up.

We then had a look at the Fire Cat, and received a message for the Pack, before going outside for a look round the equipment. The Cubs were shown the blue lights and told that when they see a fire engine coming down the road they should stand still and wave their arms, so that the firefighters know they've seen them (and also to make them feel appreciated!) 

Next the Cubs saw a demonstration of the powerful cutting equipment which is used to free people trapped in vehicles, before all getting a chance to fire a hose at a cone and try to knock it down. We weren't strong enough to try out the powerful hose but were shown how high it's jets can reach. Finally, all of the Cubs got the chance to sit inside one of the fire engines and have a look at the kit inside.

Thank you to everyone on Blue Watch who gave the Cubs such an enjoyable evening!