17-18 December 2011: Christmas Sleepover

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Are we all completely mad? This sleepover confirmed that yes, we certainly are. Although the Cubs and Beavers didn't show up until 2pm, the leaders were there from 10am - with Christmas dinner for 70 there were a lot of potatoes to peel and a lot of turkey breasts to roast! We also had to mark out the ten sleeping bays, construct a removable wall and figure out where to put all of their bags...

We started the afternoon with some Cub investitures and the young people then made cards for the residents of Glebe House before heading out on a Christmas lights walk (and card delivery). While they were out the tables were laid ready for dinner.

The Cubs and Beavers got back at 6.30pm and watched the first half of their Christmas movie before tucking into their turkey with all the trimmings, followed by mince pies and ice cream. We then had the mammoth task of setting out the sleeping areas before they watched the second half of the movie and ate far too much popcorn (we had the most enormous box of popcorn that you have ever seen!) We got them all into bed by about 10.30pm and then the leaders set up a parcel wrapping factory - 70 water bottles and candy canes ready for the morning.

The very excited young people were up and packed by 8am, just in time for their tasty bacon sandwiches. By the time that breakfast was eaten and all the luggage was stacked out the way, Father Christmas had arrived from the North Pole and he handed out presents to everyone - leaders too!

Once they had all been collected at 10am we were ready for a good sleep ... but we had a day of bag packing ahead of us. Yaaawn! We'll do it again next year, but we might make use of some slightly more convenient facilities: Stansfeld Centre here we come!