12-13 November 2011: District 6er and 2nder Camp

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We had a fantastic Sixer and Seconder camp this year. Some of the highlights:
  • Every single one of our 12 Sixers and Seconders attended the camp - there were only 17 Cubs altogether so this was a very impressive turnout, and is the first time that we have managed to get them all along.
  • The Cubs put up their own tents, with just a little help from the leaders.
  • Dinner was the Cubs' responsibility - they planned what to eat, shopped to a budget and then cooked it themselves ... and every single meal was declared to be delicious, including vegetarian spaghetti bolognese (though the meat eaters agreed that, on balance, it would have been even more delicious with meat).
  • We found out about becoming Scouts and all the Cubs agreed that they would be trying it out: the leaders decided they liked the sound of being Scout leaders (as the Scouts have to do so much of the work) and agreed that they should try that out.
  • The Cubs solved clues to identify roads which they had to visit, found all the roads on a map, planned a route to take and then walked the route, photographing every street sign on their way. I say they walked the route - my group mostly ran the route. And still we came second.
  • The Cubs invented some very cool games and ran them for the other Cubs - who would have thought that moving across a hall on a skateboard with two hockey sticks to propel yourself and a football to move could be so hard?
  • We had an indoor campfire, learnt some great new songs and burnt marshmallows until they were black and deformed.
  • The Cubs only needed to be told to be quiet twice before the all went to sleep.
  • It was warm - even Akela didn't get cold overnight and Cubs didn't need to take coats with them when we went into town for the parade.
  • The Cubs looked smarted on parade than we have ever seen them and all behaved perfectly throughout the service. We were proud to be seen with them.
  • None of the Cubs fainted during the Remembrance Service - this may not sound that special, but we were standing being the Oxford Office Training Corps and five of them went down in the course of 30 minutes so we're clearly tougher than them. Or maybe we just remembered to eat breakfast!
  • The left over squirty cream from dinner was made available at lunchtime. Sylver has a ham, cheese, chocolate spread and cream sandwich. We decorated Aaron. Akela sprayed cream into the mouths of all Cubs sensible enough to hold them open (when else can you east squirty cream straight out the can...?)
  • When we took the tents down they were completely dry (this NEVER happens in November) and the Cubs then helped get the Scout Hut clean and shiny so that the leaders were able to go home 10 minutes after the Cubs.