5 November 2011: Chief Scout's Silver Award Ceremony

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We had an incredible 13 Cubs who earned their Chief Scout's Silver Award between September 2010 and September 2011 - this is a record for us in one year! Well done to: Aaron, Alexei, Charlie, Erin (now at Scouts), Jago, Joe O, Josh, Liam, Oliver, Patrick, Hamish, Sam and Sylver. Ten of them were able to attend the County CSSA where they were presented with their certificate and special (neon) woggle. The three who were unable to make the day were presented with the certificate and woggles and the end of the following Pack meeting.

We've already had another two Cubs earn their CSSA since September, with two more due to complete it any day now ... keep up the good work Cubs! An interesting statistic - nationwide only 10% of Cubs complete the CSSA - but in our Pack less than 10% of Cubs leave the Pack without having completed it!