3 November 2011: Halloween Party

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We had a wonderfully spooky-sticky evening. Cubs came in fancy dress as all sorts of horrifying things, with the award for the best costume going to Sam the very-scary-clown. The sort of clown which gives you nightmares.

Cubs began the evening with some terrible deaths during a game of wink murder. They then worked in Sixes to complete a series of themed challenges, earning goodies for their trick or treat bags as they went along:
* Witches' cauldron (moving bats, spiders and the like from a pot into a cauldron, armed only with a straw)
* Halloweenagrams (unjumbling spooky works)
* Sticky apple bobbing (into the water for an apple then straight into the icing sugar for a sweet)
* Dangling donuts (eating them off a string - no hands allowed!)
* Scary memories (Kim's game but more terrifying)
* Skeleton assembly (like a beetle drive but with bones)