15-16 October 2011: JOTA/JOTI Sleepover

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Thirty-one Cubs from the Jacala Pack joined with twelve Cubs from the Mowgli Pack and six Cubs from 43rd Oxford for a weekend of fun and friends at the Stansfeld Centre in Headington. 

The theme of the weekend was communications and emergencies and all of the Cubs had the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities:
  • Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI): Our Cubs chatted to Cubs and Scouts from all over the world - look at the world map in our photos to find out which countries we managed to make contact with! Cubs at the JOTI base also got the opportunity to look inside a computer and have a go at taking it apart and putting it back together again. Apologies to all parents who now have Cubs who consider themselves to be computer construction experts - keep your screwdrivers hidden!
  • Jamboree on the Air (JOTA): We were lucky enough to be joined for the weekend by the UK JOTA coordinator, Richard Gaskell. Cubs learnt the phonetic alphabet and then relayed their names, along with a short message about what they had been doing so far.
  • Low ropes course: The Cubs worked on their hanging, swinging and dangling skills as they made their way around a series of increasingly challenging obstacles.
  • ShelterBox Scavenger Hunt: What would you put in the box? Cubs had to search for the box and then find all the items that needed to be put inside before it is sent to a disaster zone.
  • Shelter Building: In the event of a disaster people may be left homeless; Cubs learnt how to build their own shelter using natural materials.
  • Orienteering: Armed with maps and compasses the Cubs worked their way around a route, finding a series of orienteering points spread throughout the woods.
  • Blindfold trail: Would the Cubs safely find their way in total darkness? Wearing blindfolds they had to navigate a route by following a rope and avoiding obstacles along the way: trees, bushes, a scramble net and a large muddy hole - it's a good thing that there hasn't been much rain recently.
  • Adventure course: How quickly did you get around the course? Cubs timed each other as they raced around, up, over, under and through the obstacles.
  • Rope making: Lonnie joined us on Sunday, giving the Cubs the opportunity to try out rope making.
  • Friendship bracelets: Alison taught the Cubs how to make wool bracelets and woggles - we had lots of very colourful Cubs by the end of the weekend!
  • ShelterBox Challenge: Cubs learnt lots of facts about ShelterBox and then worked as a team to decide how to respond to a particular disaster.
  • Wide game: Cubs heard how important Scouts can be at keeping communications going in the event of a disaster and then worked in teams to collect, stamp and post as many letters as possible in a thirty minute period.
  • Communications games: Cubs thought about different ways of transmitting messages, by drawing, whispering and acting out shopping lists.
  • Campfire: Paul, our new DC, joined us on Saturday evening for an excellent campfire. The Cubs learnt lots of new songs ... and kept on singing them throughout the day on Sunday!
  • Cub's Own: This had a communications theme. The Cubs thought about different ways of staying in touch, looked back over Scouting activities they had tried during the weekend and came up with all sorts of things to be thankful for.
We finished on Sunday with three investitures and Paul came back to present seven Chief Scout's Silver Awards.