7 July 2011: Same But Different, Investitures and CSSAs

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During this meeting the Cubs thought about what it might be like to have a disability. As they arrived they were each given a sticker: blind, deaf, one arm or in a wheelchair. They then had to take part in a catching game that we often play at the start of the evening, but with the specified disability. After flag break we talked a bit about how much harder the game had been with each of the disabilities and considered what sorts of different disability there are.

The Cubs then took part in six bases:
  • Deaf: Finger spelling hangman (like normal hangman but using the finger spelling alphabet)
  • Mute: line up in order (Cubs had to line up in a specified order - age, height, alphabetic etc - but without making any sound)
  • Blind: what's in the box (Cubs had to find specified items in a box full of things without being able to see in)
  • Missing limbs: writing challenge (Cubs had to write and draw using their other hand, mouth, feet and elbows)
  • Motor Neurone Disease (Cubs found out more about this disease and how people live with it)
  • Listening: what's that sound (Cubs had to identify and remember 20 different sounds)
For the Motor Neurone Disease base the Cubs had a visit from the Chief Executive of the MND Association (who also happens to be the mum of one of our Cubs!). The news story on the MND website has more information.

At the end of the evening we invested five Cubs and awarded six Chief Scout's Silver Awards.