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Kit list - London Trip

Please label all items clearly with your Cubs name - if unlabelled items go missing, you're much less likely to get them back!

Required kit
  • Full Uniform and suitable outdoor clothing for the weather (please arrive in this)
  • Separate - hand to Akela at drop-off, to put into one bag for the group: evening snack (eg a sandwich, some fruit, biscuits or crisps) in a small bag with your Cub's name on it - they will have dinner at around 5pm, this snack is for about 8.45pm.
  • If your Cub has dietary requirements (nut/gluten/dairy free) bring something for breakfast (the museum provides a muffin, flapjack, fruit and fruit juice) - this also needs to be in a separately labelled bag which is handed to Akela at drop-off, so that the museum can arrange for it to be ready in the eating area at breakfast time.
  • Small rucksack containing:
    • Water bottle
    • Packed lunch and drink
    • Book/comic/other activity for the journey (optional)
    • Spending money - up to £10 (optional - this money is the Cub's responsibility, we will not look after it for them)
  • Rucksack or kit bag (try and keep it as compact as possible and ensure everything fits inside) containing:
    • Sleeping bag and small pillow (do NOT bring a sleeping mat - these are provided)
    • Clothes (NOT pyjamas) to sleep in - a comfortable tracksuit or similar 
    • Change of trousers/shorts and T-shirt
    • Change of underwear and socks
    • Change of shoes
    • Personal wash kit (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, flannel etc) and small towel
    • Sleeping mask (optional, but some lighting is left on overnight)
    • Cuddly friend
Equipment Notes
  • Packing: Please get your Cub to pack their own kit: this way they will know where everything is and the leaders will have to spend less time tracking down torches/pyjamas/toothbrushes in the dark!
  • Sleeping Bags: When choosing a sleeping bag remember that synthetic filled bags are easier to clean than natural filling and just as warm. Zips can be very cold if no baffle is fitted.
  • Electronics: Please do not bring any expensive electronic items that may get lost or damaged (eg mobile phone, CD player, MP3 player, Nintendo DS, PSP)