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Kit list - Group/District/County Camp

Please label all items clearly with your Cubs name - you may not get back any unlabelled items! Please ensure that the Group name (33rd Oxford) is also marked on any items that Cubs may leave lying around the campsite (eg coats, drinks bottles, rucksacks, wallets).

Pack as light as possible: please note that Cubs will have to carry ALL their kit, in one go, from the drop off point to the camp site!

Clothing and footwear
    •  Full uniform (arrive in this)
    •  Coat hanger (to hang uniform)
    •  Waterproof jacket / trousers (check weather)
    •  Warm jacket (ideally fleece)
    •  Shorts & trousers
    •  T-shirts
    •  Sweaters
    •  Underclothes & socks
    •  Warm pyjamas
    •  Spare footwear
    •  Waterproof boots or wellies (check weather)
    •  Woolly hat & gloves (check weather)
    Camping equipment
    • Rucksack/soft bag - NO SUITCASES! Please note that Cubs will have to carry ALL their kit, in one go, from the drop off point to the camp site!
    • Carry mat/thin air mattress/thick blanket (but NOT an airbed) - Cubs will be very cold without this layer beneath them but there's no space for a full sized airbed and they will not be permitted to use this
    • Sleeping bag and small pillow
    • Extra blanket - we will be sleeping in tents and it can get very cold even if it's warm during the day
    • Torch & spare batteries
    • Sitting mat (a small, bottom-sized, mat mto sit on at lunchtime, important if the ground is damp - you can buy small foam ones, of make your own from newspapers in a taped-up plastic bag)
    • Plate bag containing:
      • Non-breakable mug, plates and bowl
      • Cutlery set - spoon, fork and knife
      • Tea towel
    Other personal kit
    • Personal wash kit (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, flannel etc) and small towel
    • Large plastic bag for dirty laundry
    • Sun cream & hat
    • Insect repellent
    • Drinks bottle 500-750ml
    • Small day-sack
    • Cheap watch (if you have one)
    • Cuddly friend/mascot

    Equipment Notes
    • Packing: Please get your young person to pack their own kit: this way they will know where everything is and the leaders will have to spend less time tracking down items in the dark!
    • Plate bag: A plate bag is an essential item to preventing things from getting lost and keeping items clean and away from insects etc. Plate bags should have a drawstring and be clearly named.
    • Warm clothing: A series of thin layers are warmer than a single thick layer. Air trapped between layers serves as additional insulation. Do not forget your hands and head.
    • Torch: Pack your torch so it can be easily accessed. Good practice is to pack batteries separately (or insert in reverse) to prevent being switched on accidentally whilst packed.
    • Electronics: Please do not bring any expensive electronic items that may get lost or damaged (eg mobile phone, CD player, MP3 player, Nintendo DS, PSP)
    • Snacks in kit: Please do not put any sweets/snacks in bags: they are not allowed to have these in their sleeping quarters. If any such items are found will be confiscated.
    • Pocket Knives: Although an essential part of Scout camping kit, on this occasion pocket knives are not required. Please leave them at home.

    Ensure all personal belongings are clearly named. Identification on plates, cutlery, mugs, drinks bottle and tea towel will need to be water resistant (engraved or painted where appropriate. Sticky tape, or nail varnish dots are not suitable). These items are always being lost or mixed up during camps due to lack of naming!