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Pack Cleaning Day (23 February 2013)

There is nobody to do our cleaning for us - we have to do it ourselves. On a weekly basis we stay after Cubs and do a quick clean but every two months the hall needs a deep clean. The six different sections who use the hall take it in turns with this, meaning that we all have to do a big clean once a year, and February is our month.

The more people that we have there the quicker we will get it all done - there will be a list of jobs up at the hall and it's just a case of showing up, completing some jobs and ticking them off. If we have plenty of help then we'll be done in a few hours; if it's just the leaders we'll be there all day ... so please give up an hour or two! This is really one for the parents but Cubs are very welcome provided they are accompanied by an adult and know that they're expected to work - it even goes towards their Promise Challenge!

Please submit the form below by 15 February to confirm your attendance.

Location: Kidlington Scout Centre
Cost: Free (!!)

Start: 10am
Finish: Hopefully about 1pm, but whenever everything on the list is done

What to wear: Cleaning clothes
What to bring: We don't have many mops/brooms/dustpan and brushes, so anything like this would be handy
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