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Marathon Hike (14 April 2012)

One of Our Sporting Adventure challenges is to walk a marathon. Fortunately we don't all have to walk a marathon each - the Cubs just need to walk the distance of a marathon altogether between them ... and because we have quite a big Pack this shouldn't be too hard (if everyone takes part it's less than a mile each). Depending on how many sign up to join in we may aim to complete two, or maybe even three marathons!

This hike is on the final weekend of the Easter holidays. We will need extra adults to join us on the hike so please let us know if you're able to come along.

Please submit the form below by 29 March 2012 to confirm your Cub's attendance.

Location: Start and end at Kidlington Scout Centre
Cost: Free

Start: 10.00am
Finish: 3.00pm

What to wear: Cub jumper and scarf, comfortable trousers, comfortable shoes (waterproof if it's wet but not wellington boots)
What to bring: Small rucksack containing lunch, snacks and drinks; waterproofs if it's wet, sunhat and sunscreen if it's hot

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