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Sixer and Seconder Day (10 September 2011)

We are keen to start making better use of our Sixers and Seconders and, as we think we will have a very reliable group from September, now seems a good time to do so. This will be a half day of activities during which we will get them thinking about what responsibilities they can take on and what they should be doing to help (for example, when they’re on duty they could get the flag ready, they could work together to get their Six ready for flag break, they could run inspections and hand out folders etc). We want ideas from them - so get thinking now!

Location: Kidlington Scout Centre
Cost: Free

Start: 9.30am
Finish: 12.30pm

What to wear: Smart uniform (there will be an inspection!)
What to bring: To be confirmed - we may get them to do some thinking and bring along some ideas / items

Please return the attached consent form by Thursday 8 September

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