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New Parents Information

Welcome to 33rd Oxford Jacala Cub Scouts!

My name is Rebecca Thomas and I am the Cub Scout Leader (also known as "Akela") at the 33rd Oxford Jacala
Cub Scout Pack. I work full-time as a partner in a law firm and live in Milton, near Abingdon.

I am very happy to talk through any questions or concerns that you may have, so do feel free to give me a ring or catch me before or after a meeting - my contact details are all on the joining info email you should have received.

Subs and joining costs
Subs are £4 per week. This is payable on a termly basis – I will let you know exactly how much you need to pay 
each term (usually around £50).

There is also a joining fee which covers the cost of the Cub Membership and Badge Books, the Promise card and
the badges awarded when your Cub is invested. For new Cubs who were not Beavers this also covers the necker - the fee is £5 for ex-Beavers and £10 for completely new Cubs. Click here to pay.

All Cubs need to be invested into the Pack before they are full members. During their investiture they make their promise and receive their first badges. You can find out all about the investiture here and also in their membership booklet.

The investiture usually takes place at the end of a meeting about six weeks after your child joins the Pack, though it may sometimes be a few weeks more or less. Parents, family members and friends are all welcome to attend and take photos.

You will need to buy the jumper before your Cub can be invested - we will supply the scarf. You can order the jumper online direct from the Scout Shop and also from Amazon or eBay - just search for "Cub Jumper".

If your Cub is moving on to us from Beavers, they should wear Beaver uniform until they "swim up" and then they should wear their Cub jumper. Cubs who join from outside Scouting can wear whatever they like until the evening of their investiture (though many start wearing their Cub jumper as soon as they have it). 

Once they are invested you need to make sure that Cubs are dressed in accordance with our uniform policy, which can be found on our website.

We have pack T-Shirts, polo shirts and hoodies available (dark green, with the Pack logo on the front). They are great in the summer and when we're away on trips and camp. Prices and ordering information are available on our Pack Clothing page.

Forms to Complete
The joining form should be completed and submitted online - please note the following:

General Records
This contains useful information for our records. Please complete all sections. Please note that we require a valid email address as this is our main means of communication.

Photo/video Permissions
It is great to have a record of what the Cubs get up to and we like to be able to take lots of photos/videos of them getting stuck in for our website and other Scouting materials. Please could you indicate whether you are happy for pictures of your Cub to be used in this way.

Medical confirmation
We hope that it will never be necessary to seek medical attention for any of our Cubs but in the event that this does become necessary we will do everything we can to contact you. However in the very unlikely event that we cannot contact any listed adult, we consider it advisable to have a general confirmation from you that the leader in charge is able to authorise essential treatment (though note that whether or not this is accepted remains at the doctor’s discretion). Please sign to confirm that you are happy with this (or cross through if not).

Off-site permission
We are required to have parental permission for any activities that we take part in away from the Scout HQ. 
We will often ask you to complete specific forms for particular activities but so that we can leave the HQ during 
a Pack meeting (for example to go on a short hike) it is helpful to have a general permission form. Please sign to 
confirm that you are happy with this (or cross through if not).

Help offered
We have a rota of parent helpers and are always looking for anyone else who is willing to help out. Please could 
you complete this section to let me know if/how you would be willing to help out. If you have any particular 
interests we will take these into account when asking you to help out, so please do indicate these.

Census information
We are required to complete an annual census - please complete this information so that we have all the details when they are needed in January!

Gift Aid
You will be asked to complete a Gift Aid declaration on My.SCOUT. Please do submit this: Scouts are able to claim gift aid from the Inland Revenue on all subscriptions paid. This is worth 22p for every £1 received, so you will appreciate that it provides significant additional income for the Group and helps to keep our subscription charges as low as possible.