New Cubs
Welcome to the Pack! This page contains links to everything you need to know when you first join - if you've not yet registered for a place please visit our joining page. If your Cub's place has already been confirmed please complete the New Cub form to provide all the information that we need.

Parent essentials ...

Pay the joining fee - £10 with necker (for non-Beavers) or £5 without necker (for Beavers) - covers the cost of the Membership booklet, badge book, Promise card, woggle and badges
Complete our New Cub form (for Cubs who have already started or have registered to start with us soon!

Order Pack clothing - we have T-Shirts, Polo Shirts and Hoodies available to buy

Read our information for parents of new Cubs

Read our Pack behaviour policy (and download a copy to stick on your Cub's bedroom wall!) Please note that your child's attendance at the Pack is taken as acceptance of this policy

If you're feeling keen ...

Check where badges need to be sewn on

Find out about the badges that you can work towards

See everything that we have planned this term

Sign up for some camps and other events

Find out who all of the leaders are

Check who's in your Six 

Learn the Promise, Law and Motto

Learn about the Scout Handshake

Learn about the Scout Salute and Sign

Find out about the ceremonies

Read about the history of Cub Scouts