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Pack and Six News

Last updated December 2017

We have an excellent leadership team, who have all worked hard this term to make the Pack a success - thank you to our adults: Becca (Akela), Alastair (Bagheera), Gary (Chil), Tracy (Mor), Lisa (Shere Khan), Sara (Baloo), Rob (Hathi) and Paul (Kaa); and our young leaders: Dylan (Keego), Hamish (Kelp), Hannah (Cuttlefish), Jon (Wolf) and Matt (Fox). Kelp and Cuttlefish are taking a break from the Pack while they complete their GCSEs but we are looking forward to welcoming them back once they are finished. We're also seeing less of Keego at the moment, as e is working hard training to be a chef and his shifts clash with Cubs, but he comes along when he can. This term we will also be welcoming Allan (Raksha) as a new leader.

New Cubs / Moving On
We had four Cubs join us from Beavers in September: Austin, Ben, Ravi and Stanley. We have four more joining us in January, all swimming up from Beavers: Elliot, Edwin, Joe C and Rhys.

We've said a sad goodbye to Vito (off to Sea Scouts) - though he's coming back for one last meeting in January and we're sure we'll see him again some time in the future!

We currently have five Sixes - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White.

For the autumn term we  are one of our Cubs to a Sixer roles: well done to Philip (Blue). We're also creating a new Seconders for the Blue six - well done Jack!

We are also moving a few of our Cubs around - full details of Sixes, together with Cub photos, can be found on our Sixes page.

Our Sixers and Seconders are expected to set an example to the younger Cub Scouts and we're sure they will do a great job - we only select Cubs we feel are ready for the role. If they do not demonstrate an understanding of this, these roles will be taken away!