Wildlife Documentary

Date started
: 19 April 2012
Date completed: 3 May 2012
Number of Cubs: 32

Challenge Report
19/04/12: We started by talking about wildlife documentaries and what makes a good one. We then watched short extracts from five documentaries: whale sharks, polar bears, tigers, elephants and meerkats. We thought about the sorts of things that the presenters talked about to make them interesting and then we looked at a list of endangered species that we might be able to make a documentary about. Each Six picked a different animal and the Cubs took home a list of questions to research about their animals - what it eats, where it lives, what it needs to survive, why it's endangered and what we can do to help. The chosen animals are polar bears, giant pandas, tigers, lions and brown spider monkeys - next week we will start preparations and the follow week we will be filming!

26/04/12: We had a very creative evening as the Cubs started planning for their documentaries. Each Six had researched their chosen animal and they also had a bit of extra information, plus some mask templates, supplied by Akela. Within their Sixes they were given a list of things to think about when planning their documentary: what did they want to talk about, who would do the presenting, did they need scenery and how would they create the animals? They split the jobs between them, with some Cubs acting as script writers while others concentrated on making fabulous backgrounds of jungles and bamboo groves. We have spider monkeys on sticks, lion masks, panda puppets and a model komodo dragon ready to chase and catch a model pig. Next week the Cubs will have a bit of time to rehearse their documentaries before the filming begins!

03/05/12: The Cubs had around 15 minutes rehearsal time at the start of the evening to prepare themselves for their documentaries before filming began. One Six at a time we headed into the studio to see what they had come up with. You can view the results below!

Red Six: Tigers

Yellow Six: Komodo Dragons

Green Six: Lions

Blue Six: Brown Spider Monkeys

White Six: Giant Pandas

Jacala Cubs,
28 Apr 2012, 03:44