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Date started: 17 May 2012
Date completed: 17 May 2012
Number of Cubs: 65

Challenge Report
During the first evening of preparations for our Friendship Camp we thought it would be a good idea if the Cubs found out a bit more about what they and their new friends had in common. We played a game in which a leader would stand at one end of the hall and shout out something that he or she likes. The Cubs would then decide whether or not they also like that thing. If they did, they would run to the same end as the leader; if they didn't then they would run to the opposite end. It was interesting to see whether their friends like the same things as them or not – for example some of them liked watching football, while others preferred watching rugby; some of them like cats, while others like riding horses; some enjoyed eating fish and chips, while nearly everyone likes to eat Maltesers. Now that they know a lot more about each other they are ready for a fun weekend camp together!