Water, Water Everywhere

Date started
: 23 February 2012
Date completed: 11 March 2012
Number of Cubs: 32

Challenge Report
21/02/12: We started our Water Water Challenge by thinking about all the different things that we use water for - suggestions ranged from brushing teeth and washing through water fights to surfing and swimming. We then completed and activity in which we had to try and work out how much water was used for different activities, and also the average water use in different countries (we were pretty shocked to discover that the daily average in the USA is 550 litres - one Cub commented that the Americans must be greedy pigs). Cubs took home a water usage chart to record how much water they use, on average, over the next week.

01/03/12: This week we reviewed our water usage and calculated the average across the whole pack. The photo in the slideshow above shows a summary of how much water each Cub used on average - our overall average was 101 litres, which we are pleased to say is under the national average of 150 litres. However, this doesn't mean that we shouldn't still be trying to think of ways in which we can save water, to get in practice for the sleepover (when we will be limiting ourselves to 10 litres per Cub per day - lots of peeing in the bushes and using antibacterial gel rather than water before meals!!) The Cubs came up with a list of ways to limit our water use, some of which were more sensible than others. This list can also be seen in the slideshow photos, and ranges from only flushing the toilet once every three uses, through hiding the plug so that people have to take showers instead of baths, to giving up eating and drinking (which has the double benefit of reducing the water we take in and reducing the need to use the toilet, but the disadvantage that we will all die quite quickly!)

10-11/03/12: At the start of camp we reminded the Cubs about their challenge - they would try to survive on only 10 litres of water for the whole camp. We agreed on some ways in which we could save water:
  • Use hand gel instead of water to clean our hands before eating
  • Only flush the toilet after doing a poo - or if it got very smelly with a lot of wee
  • Use one small plastic cup full of water when brushing our teeth
  • Stay a bit grubby instead of washing properly at bed time
If the stink of the toilets by the end of the camp was anything to go by, they did an excellent job of not flushing the toilet. They all used their cup for teeth brushing before bed and after breakfast and the hand gel proved to be a huge hit. With a lot of rather messy activities on camp we did have to send home some pretty grubby Cubs, but we think they enjoyed staying dirty!