Walk the Marathon

Date started: 26 January 2012
Date completed: 14 April 2012
Number of Cubs: 15

Challenge Report
26/01/12: We talked about determination, endurance and stamina and agreed that we would need plenty of this if we were going to walk a marathon! However, as we only have to walk it between us, we think we should all be able to do - we might even manage two or three marathons in total. We looked at how far a mile is - the length of 16 football pitches, or the distance from the Scout hut to Sainsbury's. We thought it would take us around 20 minutes to walk there and were very impressed that the fastest people in the world could run this distance in less than 4 minutes! We also learnt about the world's longest running race - 3,100 miles over 51 days - an average of 60 miles every day - that's the distance from Kidlington to central London ... yikes!

14/04/12: We had excellent weather for our marathon hike on the last Saturday of the Easter holidays. Fifteen Cubs and nine adults arrived ready to go at 10am. We split into groups of two/three Cubs plus one adult and looked at our route on the big map to make sure we all knew where we were going. We identified the more dangerous bits - busy roads, roads with no footpaths, two level crossings (one with no lights) and a thigh-deep ford - and talked about how to stay safe. Each group was given a copy of the map, with numbers marked on, together with a copy of the photo sheet and had to work in their teams to identify which photo was taken at which point along the way. We set off at about 10.30 and made it to our river crossing at around 11.30. Cubs changed into their Crocs/flip-flops/wellies/bare feet and rolled up their trousers/stripped down to their pants before carefully crossing. We only had one lost flip-flop which Toad bravely chased down the river; he suffered a soggy trouser leg but nothing worse. We stopped for lunch on the river bank before continuing our walk, taking in a deer farm, a manor house and a rather scary crossing over the railway. We made it back to the Scout hut at 1.45pm and all the Cubs received a prize for correctly identifying every single picture along the way. The total distance was exactly 6 miles - with 15 Cubs these means that we walked three and a half marathons between us and if you count the adults too we did five and a half marathons!