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Date started
: 8 March 2012
Date completed: 8 March 2012
Number of Cubs: 32

Challenge Report
We had a very exciting Cub meeting, trying out loads of new activities (and some old ones) while competing for some huuuuuuge chocolate medals. All of the Cubs were able to try out the following tasks:
  • Press-Ups: Complete as many as possible in one minute
  • What’s the Motto? Write out the Cub Scout Motto
  • A Knotty Problem: Tie a reef knot – without any help from an adult
  • Star Struck: Tear a five cornered star from paper
  • Friends Forever: Plait thread to create a bracelet
  • I Promise… Write out the Cub Scout Promise
  • Friendship Bingo: Find someone to sign each box
  • Super Spy: Solve a code
  • Cream Crackers: Eat cracker and whistle, all within 30 seconds
  • Sailing Away: Build a paper boat that floats with a 10p coin in it
  • It’s the Law: Write out the Cub Scout Law
  • A to Z of Olympic Events: Think of an event for every letter
  • You Must be Joking: Match the joke question to the answer
  • Union Jack: Draw a union flag using the correct colours
  • Crisscross: Complete a crossword on a Scouting theme
  • Fly the Flag: Match flags with their countries
  • Maths Whizz: Do a really hard maths sum
  • Scrambled Legs: Unscramble names of football teams
  • Gone Camping: Make a model tent out of paper
  • Cardboard Cubes: Make a cube out of a piece of card
Final scores were:
  • Liam, Patrick and Sam: 141
  • Ewan, Mason and David: 146
  • Matt, Jon and Charlie R: 178
  • Haydn and Max: 199
  • Joe, Ollie and Joseph: 250
  • Robert and Aaron: 264
  • Charlie, Jago and Hugo: 288
  • Theo and Alexei: 316
  • Hamish, Hamish and Josh: 319
  • BRONZE: Aidan, Freddie and Arjen: 345
  • SILVER: Dan, Samanyu and Laurence: 361
  • GOLD: Charley, Morgan and Tom: 386