The Real Abolitionists

Date started
: 2 February 2012
Date completed: 9 February 2012 
Number of Cubs: 30

Challenge Report
02/02/12: The evening began with a quick history of slavery. The Cubs watched an interactive presentation - to start with they had to think about what it meant to be a slave and we then though about when slavery began before looking in more detail at slavery in America. We found out all about Mary Prince and heard two extracts from her book where she talked about when she was first sold away from her mother and about her experiences working in salt fields. We learnt about her finding freedom in England and heard a final reading where she pleaded with the people in England to put a stop to slavery in the West Indies and around the world. 

The Cubs then worked in their Sixes to start writing articles about why slavery should be abolished. They also designed posters to advertise Mary's book. Next week we will finish off the posters and the articles and they will be made available for everyone to read on the website.

09/02/12: The Cubs finished off their articles and posters (which can be downloaded from the list below - all the items for a particular Six have been uploaded together) and some of them even had time to design book covers for Mary Prince's book. When they had finished we talked about the fact that slavery was finally made illegal all over the world in 1900 but that an illegal slave trade (known as human trafficking) continues today. We read an article from the BBC written on 1st February 2012 which told the story of homeless and other vulnerable people in the UK being promised well paid jobs overseas and then being taken to another country where they are made to work long hours for little or no pay and have to live in cramped, uncomfortable conditions, too afraid to go to the police. We also head about the child slavery that happens in many parts of the world.