Pyramid Fires

Date started
: 10 March 2012
Date completed: 11 March 2012
Number of Cubs: 37

Challenge Report
This was a fantastic outdoor challenge for the Cubs. Gorilla and Curly Wurly managed to teach all of them the right way to build a fire. The started with a large stick in the ground and they built a small pyramid around it, with tinder in the middle (dry leaves that they found in the woods). They were then given a fire lighting flint and shown how to use it to get a spark. Most groups ended up resorting to matches but one group succeeded in lighting their fire from a spark! Once the fire was going they gradually built up with large twigs and finally sticks, until they had a good blaze going. Once their fire was burning they were allowed to find themselves a toasting stick and they roasted marshmallows over their fires - yum!