Pictures in Pictures

Date started: 10 March 2012
Date completed: 11 March 2012
Number of Cubs: 37

Challenge Report
This was a very interesting challenge as it helped us to learn more about Baden-Powell. We started with a presentation about Baden-Powell's work as a soldier and we looked at the way in which he had hidden maps inside his pictures of butterflies and moths (while disguising himself as a mad English butterfly collector). We all agreed that it was a very good way of tricking people! We then had a look at quite a few other examples of pictures hidden inside other pictures - for example people made out of fruit and animals; zebras with a lion in their midst; and rock formations that became faces when you turned them round. Once the Cubs had a good idea of the way in which you hide a picture inside another picture we gave them all some paper and challenged them to create their own hidden pictures. These were displayed around the room and you can see the results in the download area below!