Map Your World

Date started: 21 June 2012
Date completed: 21 June 2012
Number of Cubs: 31

Challenge Report
We decided to use a real map of Kidlington inflated to a giant size as the starting point for our map. We had 100 pieces of A3 paper and the Sixers worked as a team to assemble them like a giant jigsaw into a great big map measuring 3m x 4.2m! All of the other Cubs choose a Kidlington landmark and got to work with construction - schools, churches, shops, pubs a fire station, a police station, a library, the sports centre, parks ... and quite a few houses too! Once their building were created, they painted them and then transferred them to correct location on the giant map. We even had a helicopter to fly over the village and keep on eye on everything! This was a really fun challenge, which also helped the Cubs to learn a lot more about their local area.