Make a Splash

Date started
: 13 September 2012
Date completed: 13 September 2012
Number of Cubs: 24

Challenge Report
We had planned a boating day in June, but due to all the rain the water was flowing too fast and we decided it wasn't safe ... so we just rescheduled for September and had a beautiful, if slightly chilly, evening on the Thames! The Cubs all got to try out new activities, with 16 of them in kayaks and 8 of them in the open Canadians. After a safety briefing and a quick paddling lesson they were soon out on the water. Once they had got the hang of steering their boats they played a bit of polo and then rafted up for a few games which became progressively more difficult: to start with they just had to stand up; then they had to stand up and turn round; then they had to get out of their boats and touch their chin to the end; finally they had to try and swap boats and that's when they all started falling in! It was a great evening and the perfect opportunity for eight Cubs who have just joined to Pack to get a taste of the kinds of adventure they can look forward to.