Introducing the Aliens

Date started: 19 April 2012
Date completed: 19 April 2012
Number of Cubs: 32

Challenge Report
While Akela was talking to the Cubs about their Fitness Challenge two aliens suddenly appeared in the doorway. They were speaking a very strange language and none of use could understand what they were saying so we all put invisible Babel Fish in our ears - and suddenly we knew what they were talking about. They had a lot of questions for us. They wanted to know why we were all wearing the same clothes, whether everyone looked the same us as, why different people had different colour hair and why people were different sizes. They wanted to know what foods we liked to eat and what we lived in - and whether that was the same for everyone on our planet. The Cubs did their best to answer their questions but the aliens wanted so many answers that we decided it would be best if we made them some posters to help them have a better understanding of humanity. It was agreed that each Six would prepare information about people for a different part of the world: Africa, America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. The aliens continued to question the Cubs as they worked and once the posters were ready they were presented to the aliens and handed over so that they could take them back to their home planet. After the aliens left Bagheera and Curly Wurly finally showed up - it turns out they had decided to go for chips rather than bothering to come to Cubs this evening!
Jacala Cubs,
25 Apr 2012, 15:27