International Greetings

Date started: 17 May 2012
Date completed: 17 May 2012
Number of Cubs: 65

Challenge Report
The Cubs learnt about the different ways in which people greet each other in different countries. In the UK it is normal to shake hands with someone who you are meeting for the first time. There are also other parts of the world in which it is normal to shake hands, but the style of handshake varies – for example, in China people shake hands more gently, and keep their eyes down as a sign of respect; in South Africa they shake hands more firmly and look the person they are meeting straight in the eye at all times to show that they are trustworthy; and in Arab countries they shake hands for longer but less firmly than in the West, while contact between opposite genders in public is considered inappropriate. The Cubs particularly like the traditional greeting in Tibet where you place your hands palm to palm near your chest and stretch out your tongue to show your respect! In Sierra Leone, the Mendes greet one another by rubbing each other's chins, while the Maori in New Zealand use the Hongi, A form of welcome greeting expressed by the rubbing or touching of noses. In South America the Abrazo greeting is a full body hug followed by a pat on the back. After the Cubs had tried out some of these greetings, they work in their teams to come up with special greetings they could use when they next see each other on camp. These ranged from complicated handshakes, through to head rubbing and nose touching. It will be interesting to see them all saying hello when we are away together!
Rebecca Thomas,
6 May 2012, 10:51