Greatest Show

Date started: 12 January 2012
Date completed: 6 May 2012 
Number of Cubs: 31 (19 for trampolining and 15 for wrestling)

Challenge Report
12/01/12: The Cubs found out a little bit about each of the sports in the years' Olympic Games. First they were given a chart of sport pictograms and they had to work out what each sport was - something that they were surprisingly good at! We then made sure that everyone knew what every sport was - from Equestrian Dressage (better known as Horse Dancing) through Fencing (Sword Fighting) to Synchronised Swimming (Swim Dancing at the same time). The Cubs were then able to choose a Sport to find out a bit more about - they have two weeks to research their sport before reporting back to the Pack on whether or not they think it will be a good sport for us to all try out (or watch).

26/01/12: The Cubs all came prepared to report back on their sports. We worked in Sixes to review the sports that we had researched and picked two per Six to add to the shortlist (the research sheets and reports can be downloaded here). We then voted on the shortlisted sports to decide which of them we would like to try out. The top results are as follows:
  • Archery to try out: 8 votes - we will get the chance to do this on District Cub camp
  • Wrestling to watch: 8 votes - Akela will try to arrange for us to go and watch a wrestling demonstration
  • Trampolining to try out: 6 votes - Akela will try to arrange a trampolining taster session
22/04/12: We went along to Wheatley Park Sports Centre for an exciting morning of trampolining with 20 of the Cubs. We had an excellent coach who took the Cubs through some safe trampolining moves and they all had plenty of bouncing time. We started off with some straightforward jumping, followed by tucks and star jumps, twists, drops and bouncing up from lying down. The Cubs finished with some super high jumps, assisted by the coaches who helped to spring them into the air. Quite a few of the Cubs agreed that they would like to try out trampolining again - maybe we'll have an Olympic champion one day!

06/05/12: For the final part of our Greatest Show challenge, we went along to the Oxford Martial Arts Academy, where we were not only able to watch, but also to try out some wrestling. After an exhausting warm up (some of the Cubs looked like they'd had enough already by the end of this) they were shown some throws and some holds before being put into pairs and given the chance to try it out for themselves. Towards the end of the session they were allowed to fight against each other to see how much they had learnt - parents be warned: the Cubs now know the right way to fight their siblings! It was an excellent session and gave us a chance to see that there is more to the sport than what we see on TV!