Fortius - Stronger

Date started
: 1 January 2012
Date completed: 9 June 2012
Number of Cubs: 17

Challenge Report
01/01/12: Akela contacted the Scout leader (Andy) to suggest that we put on a joint show of some kind. Andy said it sounded like a good idea and would go towards some Scout badge work. He will check with his team at their planning meeting next week and report back!

30/01/12: Andy has said that they think it's a good idea and that the Scouts would like to be involved. Akela has arranged a meeting with Andy for 15th February, to agree a plan of action.

15/02/12: Akela met with Andy at the Scout hut. They agreed that Akela would contact Glebe House, a local residential care home, and invite the residents along for a Saturday afternoon show. Andy will start thinking about the entertainment side of things and work out what he can get the Scouts to stand up and do.

02/03/12: Akela has been to visit the activities co-ordinator at Glebe House. She's thinks it's a great idea and it was agreed that 9th June would be a good date for it. However, she thinks it would be much better if we go to them rather than them coming to us - lots of them will have visitors at the weekend, and she doesn't think she'd be able to get more than about six to come, but if we do it there then we will have lots of them plus their guests. They have their tea at 3pm, in the room in which we'd be doing the entertainment. She is happy for some Cubs and Scouts to help with serving, so we should arrive at 2.45pm. Tea will last until about 3.30pm and they can chat to the residents during this time, ready to start entertainment at about 3.30pm. She thinks that if we plan for it to last for about 45 minutes that will be just right, so we'll be finished ready for pick up at about 4.20pm. There isn't a huge amount of space so she has asked that we limit numbers to 20. There is a piano available in the room if we want to get one of them to play. There are around 40 residents, so we will need to do an invitation for each of them. Akela emailed Andy with all the infomation and suggested that we get together again in late April or early May to plan the details of the event. Andy replied to say it sounded fine and that he was still getting numbers from the Scouts.

17/03/12: Akela hadn't heard back from Andy so she emailed to check whether the Scouts were now sorted. She received a reply that he was still waiting for responses from his Scouts and would let her know the following week.

08/04/12: Akela still hadn't heard back from Andy so she chased up again ... still no response. This is an interesting challenge as it's all about seeing how sharing the work can make us stronger. Trying to organise a joint activity with the Scouts can also demonstrate that you may be stronger on your own, depending on who you are trying to work with!!

11/05/12: Still no response from Andy, so the Cubs have decided to go it alone: we can put on a fabulous show without them! We talked about what we would do and the Cubs started coming up with some excellent ideas for entertainment. We prepared 40 beautiful handwritten invitation cards, so the residents of Glebe House will all be getting one each. With less than a month to go, planning and preparations are now well underway!

31/05/12: The Cubs who are taking part in the show spent the evening preparing. We worked out the programme and handed out parts, then got to work with rehearsals. We're starting with an introduction during which we will tell them about Scouting. We'll then have some magic, followed by some trombones tunes. Next comes the comedy sketch, with a teacher frustrated by her three very dense students, before an excellent rendition of "She'll be Coming Round the Mountain", performed by a cowboy. We'll then have twins performing "Crush Crush Crush" by Paramore before our pianist concludes with "Trio", "Military Minuet" and "Bah-ba-doo-bah". While rehearsals took place the other Cubs worked hard to make beautiful table decorations: vases with paper flowers for the residents to take away with them when the show is over. We have two more rehearsals before the performance!

07/06/12: We had a full rehearsal on the evening of 7th June, adding some joke telling to the programme but otherwise keeping it as planned the previous week. While not performing the Cubs also finished off the vases and flowers.

09/06/12: We arrived at the Scout hut at 12.45pm and started rehearsing. After a full run through we had some chocolate muffins to keep our energy levels up, followed by another full run through to make sure that we all knew exactly what we were doing! At about 2.30pm we set off for Glebe House. The Cubs handed out programmes and vases and then got themselves ready for their performance. They all did an excellent job and are very deserving of the entertainer badges that they have earned!

Rebecca Thomas,
12 Jun 2012, 02:22