Fly the Flag

Date started: 18 May 2012
Date completed: 18 May 2012
Number of Cubs: 47

Challenge Report
This was the first activity on our Friendship Camp. After the Cubs had arrived and put their kit into their tents they split into their teams and picked a name for themselves. They were then given the task of designing a flag to carry with them throughout the camp which was in some way representative of the name that they had chosen. Our teams were:
  • Quackooshmoo
  • The Loopy Lollipops
  • Team Curly
  • The Mad Men
  • Team Samurai
  • Team Tiger
  • Team Tiger Claw
  • Bubble 07
  • Eagles
  • DJMJ
The flags were fantastic – we attached them to poles and the Cubs carried them with them from base to base on Saturday before planting them in front of their team tents on Saturday night.