Every Cub Swim a Mile

Date started
: 26 January 2012
Date completed: 29 March 2012
Number of Cubs: 17 so far!

Challenge Report
26/01/12: We talked about determination, endurance and stamina and agreed that we would need plenty of this if we were going to swim a mile! However, we were pleased to hear that we don't have to do the whole things in one go (though four Cubs thought that they would be able to do so). We looked at how far a mile is - the length of 64 swimming pools - and thought about how many lengths we can do at the moment. We agreed that everyone could have a go, even if they couldn't swim very well at the moment. We're going to hire out the swimming pool in Kidlington on 25th March to make a start on this challenge - leaders as well as Cubs.

25/03/12: We booked out the whole of Kidlington swimming pool for an hour, from 5pm to 6pm. We were all determined to do our very best in the hour that we had available, but we weren't sure whether any of us would actually manage to swim a full mile (and some Cubs thought they might not even manage a length). So we were VERY impressed when not just one or two but EIGHT of our Cubs managed to swim a full mile within an hour ... if only we'd had two hours! A special mention to Hamish M who was the first to finish. The Cubs have all taken their record sheets home with them and we will keep the chart on this page up-to-date as they complete their miles between now and the end of July. Every Cub who does a mile will earn a special swimming medal and they will all earn one Six point for every 100 metres that they complete. Well done to all our fantastic Cub Scouts!

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29/03/12: All of our Cubs who have completed their mile received a gold swimming medal for their efforts. We put up a record chart to record the progress of all of our Cubs - three had been swimming again since the weekend and one more had completed his mile. With the Easter holidays coming up we are expecting a lot more to complete the challenge!