Equality Games

Date started
: 6 September 2012
Date completed: 20 September 2012
Number of Cubs: 25

Challenge Report
06/09/12: The night started off with a discussion about fairness, the cubs were asked to think about activities that would be unfair and who would have an unfair advantage.   They were asked if they knew what equality was and we talked about the Paralympic games, and how in blind football the people with some sight were given blindfolds to make it fairer.

20/09/12The cubs were asked to line up into height order and we had 25 cubs all lined up tallest to shortest, we split the teams into 12 people each with an adult and cub place holder, each team lined up and faced each other over tug of war rope, we numbered the cubs from 1 to 12 and if your number was called you could grab the rope and pull and if the end reached the place holder at the sides your team won.  12 was the biggest child and smallest, to show unfairness, but when adding extra cubs, sometimes it was fairer, some cubs even with the difference in height were much more evenly matched in strength.

After the game the cubs were asked if it was fair or unfair and how to make it fair and to decide themselves how to make two teams evenly matched.  They lined themselves up again in height order but each alternate cub was put into teams and they lined up biggest to smallest in order, so that the number 12 to 1 were the closest in size.
After several very closely fought tugs of war, it was unanimous that it was indeed much fairer, though Chil declined to see if the cubs could win against him.

The cubs were next asked to line up in six order ranging from 3 to 6 people in each team.  Several chairs were placed in front on a starting line, from 2 to 4 chairs. Each team had to get their members over to the other side without touching the floor. Each team had an adult to supervise. All the teams with 4 chairs made it across with all team members, those with 3 chairs were the quickest, and those with 2 could only get a few people across. The cubs were asked if this was fair, and they all said no, and decided that every team had to get 3 chairs to make it across, and on the second run all teams did in fact get across, though those who had already succeeded, perhaps did it a little quicker having a run through.

The last and perhaps least exhausting game from the adults point of view was another team game, where each six had to try to pick up an item with a variety of spoons and chopsticks.  As each team member picked up and ate the minstrel and ran back to his team, the next team member got to try.  Obviously the teams with spoons did it very quickly. Each team got to try to using the chopsticks and agreed that it was a lot harder than using a spoon. Chil did demonstrate to several teams his skill with chopsticks, but it still seemed hard if you were trying to do it quickly.

All the cubs agreed that making it was a good night and that they had enjoyed learning about equality.